Published: 31/01/2002, Volume II2, No. 5790 Page 23

As a former career English teacher, who always taught that monosyllables should be used rather than the 'long and unusual' words for which Sarah Carr ('Talking turkey', 20 December) blames my profession, I write in strong support of her contention that simplicity of language and clarity of thought go together.

I agree that NHS managementspeak is at times so obscure that even those who use it appear unable to explain it in everyday words. This merely sustains an insider/outsider culture which infuriates patients and general public alike. Non-executive directors, especially, should be vigilant about this.

Why say 'absolutely' when we mean 'yes'? And may we get rid of the redundant 'basically' and 'like', and also those grossly abused words, 'challenge', 'synergy'; and 'syndrome'?

Patricia Moberly Chair Guy's and St Thomas' trust