The outgoing British Medical Association leader has urged the union to be cautious about taking further industrial action over pensions.

Chair of council Hamish Meldrum told the organisation’s annual representative meeting that the government’s planned pension changes were a “disgrace”.
But Dr Meldrum said: “However angry we are and however much we believe our cause is just we cannot and must not lose the trust of the public.
“While we demonstrated a powerful voice last week [in strike action] no one should be triumphalist and no one should be rushing to repeat or escalate it.
“Let’s remember our fight is with the government not the public.”
He pointed out that other health professions had decided “albeit reluctantly to have accepted the new arrangements”.
Dr Meldrum also defended the BMA’s attempts to campaign against the Health Bill.
The ARM will discuss pensions in detail on Thursday, and its council will subsequently decide on its next actions at its private meeting.
The meeting will also vote on the successor to Dr Meldrum.