Published: 16/06/2005, Volume II5, No. 5960 Page 35

Recovery efforts

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire stategic health authority has launched a three-month consultation on mental health services.

Running until 12 September, it is based on the 'recovery' model, with services to support users in the community.

'We want people to be able to expect the best and to get help when they need it, ' says SHA chief executive John De Braux.

The SHA has also launched a local advertising campaign to fight the stigma of mental health issues.

For more information, go to www. investing inyourhealth. org. uk/ mentalhealth or call 0800-389 4182

Building confidence

A renowned US expert on healthcare design has visited South of Tyne and Wearside Mental Health trust to discuss building mental health facilities.

Texas A&M University professor of architecture Roger Ulrich, who is currently on secondment to NHS Estates, has documented the stress reducing and health related benefits that environment can have on patients.

Consultation work with architectural adviser the Prince's Foundation is already under way on plans to replace its Cherry Knowle Hospital in Ryhope, Sunderland.

Help with PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder: the management of PTSD in adults and children in primary and secondary care, published by Gaskell (imprint of the Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, it is an outline of guidelines for treatment of PTSD. It includes case studies of experiences of sufferers and carers and looks at the psychological, pharmacological and physical interventions for the condition.

Early intervention in PTSD, dealing with the condition in children and young people and taking into account disaster planning and a continuing threat to the client are also addressed.

Forensic reference

The Handbook of Forensic Learning Difficulties, edited by Tim Riding, Caron Swann and Bob Swann, published by Radcliffe,£27.95.

This reference book looks at the complex needs of people with learning disabilities who have committed offences.

Using case studies, it looks at types of offending behaviour, including sexual offending and arson, working with people with aggressive behaviour, self harm and risk assessment.

Suicide strategy New Approaches to Preventing Suicide, edited by David Duffy and Tony Ryan, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers,£19.95.

A companion to the government suicide prevention strategy, this text offers guidance on management of suicide in different social and ethnic groups and settings.

Nursing, mental health, prison and law professionals examine suicide in various groups in addition to policy and the legal framework regarding it.