More than 300 hospital beds which featured in the Olympic Games opening ceremony are to be donated to hospitals in Tunisia.

The luminous beds made a special appearance during director Danny Boyle’s tribute to the health service, spelling out the words “NHS” and “GOSH” - Great Ormond Street Hospital - in LED lights.

A team of 15 volunteers will now spend three days removing LED bedding, batteries and wiring from all 320 showpieces, turning them into functioning hospital beds.

The beds, donated by events company Tait Technologies, will then be shipped in eight 40ft containers to the Hospital Habis Burguiba De Medenine and the Hospital de Taouine in Tunisia, where they will play a valuable role in treating patients.

The health service was featured as one of Britain’s proudest achievements during the £27m spectacular.

Mr Boyle said the NHS was an “amazing thing to celebrate” and dedicated a whole section of his show, featuring more than 600 real-life nurses and other healthcare workers.