Primary care trusts will have to respond quickly to movements of patients between GP practices when the results of the national patient survey are published, according to new guidance from the Department of Health.

Further guidance from The GP Patient Survey: your doctor, your experience, your say says that 'national, regional and consumer media coverage is planned' following the publication of the results to PCTs, expected some time in the next two months.

It says: 'PCTs should now be discussing with their practices how both they, and their practices, respond locally to the publication of the survey results and how they might best use those results as a resource.'

The survey measures patients' preferred opening hours and what they are offered, and whether choice had been offered when being referred to secondary care.

The guidance warns that comparative information may encourage patients to change practices and that PCTs 'need to be ready to facilitate such movements', suggesting this could include ensuring a rapid transfer of records.

In last week's HSJ, Bexley Care trust was named as one of 66 organisations which the Disability Rights Commission said had not produced evidence of having a disability equality scheme (news, page 13, 5 April). The DRC has now said that the trust is in compliance.