The Long-term Medical Conditions Alliance has called for quality of life for people with long-term conditions to be a 'central plank' of the government's work on greater social inclusion.

It published nine recommendations last week to improve access to specialist services, quality, and the involvement of patient and user groups.

It also called for the development of nurse prescribing, improved access to prescription 'season tickets' to spread the cost of medication and the inclusion of long-term conditions in a ministerial portfolio.

Director Judy Wilson said the LMCA had put forward 'practical solutions to improve the provision of care', based on an appreciation that 'resources are limited' in the NHS.

At the launch of the recommendations, junior health minister Lord Hunt said the government 'fully accepts the overarching principles set out' and a 'considered government response' would follow fuller reflection.

The recommendations were based on a research paper, Improving Lives: the agenda for people with long-term medical conditions , which also examined the extent of long term-illness.

Improving Lives: proposals for change. LMCA. 0171-813 3637. Free.

Improving People's Lives: the agenda for people with long-term medical conditions. LMCA. 0171-813 3637.£10.