A doctor told an industrial tribunal last week that he was dismissed by a Scottish trust on 'trumped up charges based on false allegations'.

David Clow, who was employed by Dumfries and Galloway Community trust, also claimed that the then Dumfries and Galloway health board general manager Derek Banks had issued a memo stating it would be a 'terminal career event' for anyone seen talking to him.

Earlier the tribunal had heard how consultant paediatrician Dr Clow had gone over the heads of his colleagues and manager to complain directly to Mr Banks about an alleged child abuse case.

A report by the board concluded there was no damage to the child despite a leak to the social work department alleging abuse.

But Dr Clow was accused of breaching the terms of a written warning to fully consult with colleagues following previous problems at Mountain Hall Children's Assessment Centre in Dumfries.

He was accused too of threatening staff, breach of protocol, irritability, erratic timekeeping, bizarre behaviour and inappropriate behaviour towards patients.

Trust chair Elizabeth Edwards, who chaired Dr Clow's disciplinary hearing in 1995, told the tribunal that his relationship with staff had completely broken down.

She said: 'The panel concluded it was a very serious case and the only option was dismissal.'

Mrs Edwards said it had been put to the panel that it was a conspiracy against Dr Clow at Mountainhall. 'We did not find any evidence of that, nor did Dr Clow find any evidence to support this allegation.

Dr Clow is claiming unfair dismissal.

The hearing was adjourned.