As a keen reader of HSJ for several years, I have always felt it had an unbiased editorial staff and an informed and diverse agenda. I was amazed, therefore, at the tabloid headline, 'Exmanager gets£105k for 'nerves'', (news, page 10, 1 March).

The article itself appears factual, but the message sent to readers appears to ridicule and imply that nerves are inconsequential and something to be tutted at.

I have no mental health training, my background being in general nursing, but I have worked in the NHS for 30 years and am sure the current high profile of the damage done by stress in the NHS to its workforce is justifiable. A nervous breakdown, as referred to in this article, must be dreadful for all those concerned.

Articles in your own journal demonstrate how trusts take this issue very seriously, and strategies and policies galore are in place following government initiatives and local needs.

What message is HSJ sending its readers about its own credibility with such a demeaning headline on what was obviously a distressing case?

Sandra Nolan Lancashire