Published: 21/11/2002, Volume II2, No. 5832 Page 15

Name: Professor Trevor Jones

Job: Director general, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Style: Nicknamed the 'Prof '.With a string of qualifications to his name, he is respected by industry and NHS alike for his fearsome intellect.

This, combined with what some describe as a blunt and direct manner, can make him difficult to deal with.Admits to being 'a bit aggressive at times'.But widely praised for his understanding of the need to find 'common ground' and his ability to build bridges between the NHS and industry.Credited for strengthening relations between government and industry.Articulate and media-savvy, he is said to be 'excellent value for money' for the ABPI.But at heart he is still a clinical research academic whose twin passions are 'a desire to find better ways of dealing with unmet health needs' and watching Welsh rugby.

Background: Moved from academia into industry, working first at Boots and then for 18 years at the Wellcome Foundation where he became research and development director.The named inventor of Zovirax cold sore cream, he pioneered the development of seven other major drugs, including the anti-HIV drug, Retrovir.Took the helm at the ABPI seven years ago when Glaxo took over Wellcome.

Future prospects: Will give the ABPI another 18 months, before continuing with his interests in the biotech industry.