NHS RATINGS 75 respondents reveal mixed feelings on key aspects of the new system

Published: 17/02/2005, Volume II5, No. 5943 Page 7


57% of respondents said the new system was 'better' or 'significantly better' than star-ratings

71% described the proposals as 'a broader, fairer and more accurate assessment of performance'


How do you see the 472 'prompts' intended as a guide to help you meet the standards?

They will become another set of proxy targets 81%

They will be a useful guide 19%

Are you clear on what happens to trusts that fail to hit the targets?

21% Yes

79% No

Do you think the proposed system will be used to unfairly name and shame organisations?

64% Yes

12% No

24% do not know


How confident are you that you will be in a position to declare you are hitting the 24 core standards in September?

Cannot tell yet 16%

Very confident 4%

Not very confident 34%


Do you believe that trust non-executives have the skills and knowledge to effectively interrogate their trust executives over performance standards?

Yes 49%

No 44%

do not know 7%

How do you feel about the use of patient and public involvement forums to corroborate an organisation's declarations that it is meeting the standards?

Confident 16%

Worried 45%

Unsure 38%


How do you feel about the 'unannounced visits' the commission will be making to organisations?

Will lead to the commission being seen as the enemy 19%

Dangerous 5%

Gives undue prominence to performance on one day 48%

Fair 28%

do not know 1%

Totally independent 5%

Not independent 4%

Partially independent (prone to influence in high-profile areas) 89%