END GAME: Thunderbirds are go

End Game misses Andrew Lansley because, more than any health secretary before or since, he is the most likely to have pored over every last word in HSJ, likely with a highlighter in hand.

Seemingly one of the losers from the prime minister’s transfer market antics last week, Lansley’s demotion from the cabinet heralds the end of his contribution to Westminster politics.

Once he was reshuffled out, Mr Lansley reportedly went round telling all and sundry that he is to be taking up a role in “international public service”.  

What could this possibly be? Might there be a top down reorganisation of the entire world brewing?  

Perhaps Andy will join the ranks of the almighty International Rescue, home to the crime fighting Tracey brothers and their zippy Thunderbird aircraft.

While we apologise to all those who made exactly the same joke when David Miliband went to work for the same organisation, we were reminded that an integral part of the brothers’ set up is Thunderbird 5, the organisation’s orbital satellite station.

Once posted there, the former health secretary would finally be able to confirm Sir David Nicholson’s assertion that his reforms were so ambitious one could see them from space.