So, AMIGOS, you're getting a little JIP about MINIS. It is time to address the issue head on with better PR. And if none of that makes any sense, you need the Health and Social Services Glossary of Acronyms, lovingly crafted by South Manchester primary care group lay member Martin Rathfelder. And what a glossary: it runs from AMIGOS (a computerised case- recording system used in mental health), to WHO (for World Health Organisation), and back to ASTRO-PU (an 'age sex temporary resident originated prescribing unit', though whether that makes it any clearer is a matter for debate).

Where possible, there are also hot links from the abbreviation to a relevant website, or at the very least to a downloadable document of some kind, even if it is only The New NHS white paper and its offshoots.

'This glossary has been devised in Manchester, but jargon in the rest of the UK is not very different,' says Mr Rathfelder.

'These are mostly terms which are discussed by managers (usually because they cost money) but I have included a few others which are interesting or amusing...'

Not that Mr Rathfelder's interests are confined to acronyms. Follow the link to his Weasel Words site and the full range of his activities around the welfare state become clear (clue: Mr Rathfelder is a former English teacher and community health council member, and now works as a Moss Side benefits adviser).

Weasel Words is worth a trip for the links alone, many of which are a little off the beaten path of HSJ 1000.

Why not pay a visit to the 'semi-official' record of Social Security Commissioners' Decisions run by 'Mr Commissioner Howell QC', he suggests - 'he appreciates constructive criticism'.