HSJ Hospital Transformation is supported by McKinsey Hospital Institute. Themes are discussed with MHI and articles are independently commissioned and edited.

About MHI

McKinsey Hospital Institute works with hospital leaders to support them on transformation; to develop and deliver high quality, sustainable services and a strong and healthy organisational culture.

MHI leverages and builds on existing capabilities, through a structured approach to improvement which integrates high impact changes with coaching and skills transfer to hospital staff.

As well as working with individual hospitals, we also encourage and facilitate collaboration and learning between peer organisations, through MHI membership, our annual Improvement Campaigns, and regular events for executive directors (eg COO Roundtable). All of our work is underpinned by rigorous analysis (eg our MHI diagnostic and benchmarking tools) and evidence of what works, and provide objective assurance to Boards.

This site is delivered in partnership with HSJ and is an important extension of our commitment to create platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the NHS, such as Healthcareknowledge.net, which is a free resource for NHS staff.