Quality and compliance software experts, Radar Healthcare has appointed the former chief executive officer of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Gillian Leng CBE to its board of non-executive directors.  

Professor Leng was appointed as NICE’s CEO in April 2020 following a 13-year tenure as deputy chief executive for the organisation. At the helm during the pandemic, Professor Leng oversaw development of the covid-19 guidelines. She was instrumental in the creation of NICE’s five-year strategy and set out updated methods and processes to put NICE at the forefront of evaluating new medicines, devices and diagnostics.

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Professor Leng’s career spans more than 30 years working across public health, healthcare and social care, within life science industries, patient organisations, local and national government and academia.

Commenting on her new role with Radar Healthcare, Professor Leng said: “I’m excited to be working with Radar Healthcare to support its growth with key healthcare strategies.

“Throughout my career, I’ve focused on searching for the clinical evidence to not only inspire change, but to also make that change long lasting so it can directly benefit patients.

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Gillian Leng

“As the health sector undergoes its digital transformation, technology partners such as Radar Healthcare are playing an increasingly vital role in providing the evidence needed to enable informed decisions and positive change – ultimately helping to deliver better patient outcomes.”

Paul Johnson, CEO for Radar Healthcare said: “We’re delighted to welcome Professor Gillian Leng to the team. Her career, and the long list of accomplishments she’s earned along the way, are nothing short of remarkable. Her unique perspective and experience, along with a vision we both share about the role of technology and its ability to provide healthcare insights to deliver better patient outcomes, will play a key role in our continued success.”

Previously the chair, now a trustee of the Guidelines International Network, Professor Leng has sat on the board of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Centre for Ageing Better.

She has been involved in the Cochrane collaboration, an international charitable organisation formed to organise medical research findings to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions, since its foundation.

She is an honorary visiting professor with the National University of Singapore and a visiting professor for King’s College London.

Professor Leng was awarded a CBE in 2011 for her services to healthcare, was appointed as Honorary Librarian at the Royal Society of Medicine in 2017 and earlier this year, was named an honorary Doctor of Science by the University of Leeds.

Radar Healthcare was founded by technology experts Paul Johnson and Lee Williams in 2012 in response to the changing regulatory landscape with a vision to support better healthcare outcomes across both health and social care while instilling a culture of continuous improvement.

About Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare helps organisations in health and social care across the UK and internationally to make a real difference. Combining digital innovation with hands-on experience in healthcare environments characterises the strategy, with the end goal always being to make healthcare safer.

It is not just providing risk, quality and compliance software, it’s the importance of care and safety. User experience, partner engagement and the commitment to delivering the best possible healthcare outcomes have been there since day one.

Compliance isn’t just ticking a box; it’s creating a safer experience. Spotting trends and analysing data isn’t just for board reporting, it’s learning how to prevent incidents and improve future outcomes through continuous improvements. Radar Healthcare understand the day-to-day pressures and challenges faced, which is why their software is constantly evolving to stay on top of the latest requirements.

The flexibility of this single system software allows those in health and social care to combine a vast array of their needs including:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Governance and assurance
  • Quality improvement
  • Safety and outcomes
  • Organisational learning
  • Operational performance
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Brand protection

Radar Healthcare is one of the most established risk, quality and compliance software solutions and is helping health and social care providers to make a real difference, now and in the future.