FINANCE: NHS Manchester has received 300 retrospective claims for continuing healthcare funding, according to NHS Greater Manchester’s latest finance report.

Early last year, the Department of Health set a deadline of 30 September 2012 for anyone wishing to apply for retrospective NHS continuing care funding for care home costs incurred between 2004 and 2011.

According to primary care trust cluster NHSGM’s latest finance report, NHS Manchester has received 300 requests for retrospective funding, at an estimated cost of £3.23m.

The report states that continuing care teams “are continuing to assess the claims received” and further adjustments to the estimated figures are expected.

It adds: “There is a second deadline of the 31 March 2013 for submitting claims which relate to this financial year, it is not yet known what volume of additional claims will be received. There is a risk that significant claims at 31 March 2013 could affect achievement of target surpluses.

“The full extent of these cost pressures is not yet reflected in every locality’s financial position. All localities are working to determine the likely financial impact as a matter of urgency, and further contingencies to absorb this into the financial positions are being developed.”