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    'Fifty years passed before smoke-free public places were achieved'


    On 26 June 1954 the main article in the British Medical Journal was on the mortality of doctors in relation to their smoking habits.

  • Most mental health trusts are not fully adhering to the smoking ban, nearly a year after it came into effect, according to a survey by the Mental Health Foundation.

    Mental health trusts ignore smoking ban


    Most mental health trusts are not fully adhering to the smoking ban, nearly a year after it came into effect, according to a survey by the Mental Health Foundation.

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    Emma Dent on smoking


    Readers may be unsurprised to learn that I have a number of pet hates.

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    Smoking costs NHS £50m a week


    Smoking costs the NHS 2.7bn a year or 50m a week, despite a drop in the number of smokers, according to a report by Action on Smoking and Health, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.

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    Smoking supplement: fired up


    Stopping smoking is the single most important thing smokers can do to improve their current and future health.

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    Giving up smoking is hard to do


    How can stop smoking services attract people from ethnic minorities? NICE guidance may offer the answer, writes Rosie Cameron

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    Stop-smoking case studies: quitters can win


    Now the most motivated ex-smokers have stubbed out their last cigarette, Ingrid Torjesen finds out how services are reaching out to the less enthusiastic would-be quitters

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    And the smoking ban played on


    One year on Ann Shuttleworth considers the effects of the smoking bans in England and Scotland and other efforts to make people quit

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    Sift through the ashes of smoking


    Could the death toll have been lowered by offering nicotine replacement therapy on the NHS earlier? Emma Baines looks through the policy history of smoking cessation

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    Emma Dent on the smoking ban


    One year on from the introduction of the English smoking ban, it is striking how much difference it has made to the nation's social habits.

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    One year on from the smoking ban


    One year into the smoking ban in England it is still too early to predict its long-term effects on public health but there are reasons to be cheerful, says Stuart Shepherd

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    Plans to reduce young people's exposure to smoking


    A new report calls on the UK governments to introduce a range of tough measures aimed at reducing young people's exposure to positive images of smoking.

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    DH celebrates anniversary of smoking ban


    More people are trying to quit smoking, the air in pubs and bars is cleaner and rates of compliance with smoke-free laws is high, according to the Department of Health report published to mark the first anniversary of the smoking ban.

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    Smoking ban spurred 400,000 to kick habit, study claims


    At least 400,000 people quit smoking as a result of the smoking ban in England, according to research presented today.The Smoking Toolkit Study interviewed more than 32,000 people in England over the nine months before and nine months after the ban took effect on 1 July last year.

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    Health profiles reveal drop in smoking-related deaths


    Health profiles for each local authority and region in England were published today by the Department of Health and the Association of Public Health Observatories.The profiles show that deaths from smoking-related diseases fell across England and that while life expectancy from birth has improved,

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    Anti-smoking consultation begins


    Requiring cigarettes to be sold in plain, branding-free packets of at least 20, restricting access to cigarette machines, restricting the display of tobacco products and banning advertisements for cigarette papers are among measures being considered in a consultation to cut the number of people who

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    More smoking curbs needed, survey shows


    Seventy-six per cent of British adults support a ban on smoking in cars carrying children and 85 per cent want retailers convicted of selling tobacco to children to be banned from selling tobacco products, according to a survey by anti-smoking campaigning group ASH.

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    60 years of eating and smoking


    It was in the 'ninth year of austerity' - with the end of full rationing still six years away - that the NHS came into existence on 5 July 1948. The chief medical officer, reporting on the state of the public's health, declared the NHS had begun 'its colossal task' amid 'economic adversity' -

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    NHS stop-smoking clinics are working, research shows


    Research has shown that NHS stop-smoking clinics work, with figures highlighting particular progress in deprived areas.

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    Local planners urged to tackle smoking


    Four public health organisations are uniting to urge local planners to target smoking as a way of tackling health inequalities.