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    Local planners urged to tackle smoking


    Four public health organisations are uniting to urge local planners to target smoking as a way of tackling health inequalities.

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    Chief medical officer calls for action on obesity and smoking


    Overall health in Wales is improving, but action is needed to tackle rising obesity levels, continued high rates of smoking and a growing culture of binge drinking, according to the chief medical officer's report.

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    Smoking ban has widespread approval


    Almost 80 per cent of adults believe the smoking ban will improve public health. Those surveyed said hair and clothes not smelling of smoke, a more pleasant atmosphere in pubs, bars and restaurants and cleaner air were the main benefits of the ban. Research carried out for the Department of ...

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    Legal smoking age increases


    The age at which tobacco can be bought legally increases from 16 to 18 today. Public health minister Dawn Primarolo said the move would help shopkeepers spot underage smokers and reduce the number of young people who become addicted to nicotine.

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    Anti-smoking drug gains NICE backing


    A drug that helps smokers quit their habit has been approved in draft guidelines by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Champix is recommended for people who have expressed a desire to quit smoking and should normally be prescribed alongside behavioural support. Click here for more details

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    Ad campaign launched to prepare for smoking ban


    A smoky atmosphere is the single biggest reason for avoiding a pub or bar, according to a survey published by the Department of Health. The government has also launched a national advertising campaign to remind the public what the legislation will mean when the smoking ban comes into force on ...

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    Give quit smoking help at work, says NICE


    The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has issued advice on workplace support for stop-smoking schemes. NICE chief executive Andrew Dillon said: 'Smoking causes an estimated 86,500 deaths in England each year - going smoke-free is a win-win situation for employers and employees, and our advice sets out the ...

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    Survey reveals inaccurate perceptions on smoking


    Most young people in England believe that becoming a smoker is the norm, a survey by charity Cancer Research UK has found. While official smoking figures put the proportion of adults in England who smoke at about a quarter, nearly 83 per cent of the 16-24-year-olds questioned in the survey ...

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    First anniversary of Scottish smoking ban welcomed


    First Minister Jack McConnell has welcomed the first anniversary of the Scottish ban on smoking in enclosed public places. Mr McConnell said the move was one of the greatest achievements of devolution. Read the press release here

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    Smoking cessation statistics released


    The Information Centre for health and social care has released statistics on NHS stop smoking services in England for April to September 2006. It has also released General Practices Quality and Outcomes Framework 2005-06: exception reporting summaries for England and community care statistics for 2005-06. Read more here

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    Smoking 'police' given power to fine public


    Thousands of council staff are being trained to police the smoking ban in bars, restaurants and shops in England. Ministers have given councils 29.5m to pay for staff, who will be able to give on-the-spot 50 fines to individuals and take court action against premises. They will have ...

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    Smoking ban examption for mental health


    Mental health trust managers have been told how a one-year exemption for their buildings will operate when the new smoking regulations come into force in July. The national clinical director for mental health Professor Louis Appleby has written to mental health trust chief executives to explain where smoking will be ...

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    Smoking cessation more successful in deprived areas, says report


    Primary care trusts in areas of deprivation are providing the best approach to reducing smoking levels, says the Healthcare Commission in a report today. Half the PCTs rated excellent were in deprived areas where smoking is most prevalent. Read the report here

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    Anti-smoking drug licensed in Scotland


    The Scottish Medicines Consortium has licensed the drug Champix for people wanting to give up smoking. It is the first drug to be used to help smokers quit without the use of nicotine. Champix, the generic name of which is varenicline tartrate, provides relief from symptoms by sending a signal ...

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    'Hooked' stop smoking campaign launched


    A campaign that shows people being seized by fish hooks and dragged to their smoking spots has been launched. The campaign, which includes TV adverts, outdoor advertising, direct mail and a dedicated website, reveals that the average smoker needs over 5,000 cigarettes a year.

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    Make smoking history


    As the deadline for banning smoking in public places nears, Frances Perrow looks at some shocking statistics, and finds out what PCTs are doing to help get the country smoke-free

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    Northern Ireland smoking ban begins 30 April


    The legislation allowing Northern Ireland to introduce a ban on smoking in enclosed public places has completed its progress through parliament and will come into effect on 30 April next year. Northern Ireland health minister Paul Goggins said his office would work to build support for the legislation and issue ...

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    Scottish smoking ban 'could wipe out lung cancer'


    In his first annual report Dr Harry Burns, chief medical officer for Scotland, says that the ban on smoking which was introduced in March has already reduced passive smoking levels and is encouraging more people to quit. He said that the ban, coupled with a decline in rates of smoking-related ...

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    DoH publishes new smoking cessation figures


    The Department of Health has published the latest quarterly statistics on access to smoking cessation services. It shows Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire strategic health authority had the highest proportion of successful quitters (63 per cent) while Cheshire and Merseyside SHA reported the lowest (41 per cent). ...

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    Deprived areas score best at smoking cessation


    Primary care trusts show wide variations in the implementation of their smoking-cessation services, and many have not consulted with patients and the public, says the Healthcare Commission.