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    Stroke care - leading the way


    The Health Foundation has responded to the Department of Health's consultation on a national stroke strategy in England.

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    Acute Healthcare Organisation of the Year


    Winner South Tees Hospitals TrustIn the space of a little over two years South Tees Hospitals trust has pulled itself back from the brink to become a dynamic and innovative centre of clinical and leadership excellence.The exceptional work that took place to achieve such a turnaround has all been

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    A day in the life of a therapy assistant


    At Whittington Hospital trust in London, a Skills for Health demonstrator site has been set up to design a new therapy assistant role at assistant practitioner level.

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    Michael White on the shadow health secretary


    Now that Gordon Brown has started to open up in public and chancellor Alistair Darling has put a couple of jokes into his conference speech, there is no stopping the confessional flood in politics. Even Andrew Lansley has been affected.

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    Stroke service start


    A 24-hour stroke service in north London has been launched at University College London Hospitals foundation trust in a joint initiative with the Whittington Hospital trust.

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    David Amos on the case for change


    'The experience of the Blitz was used as evidence that, on the whole, people wanted to stay put - sixty years later, and the NHS is at it again.'

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    UK has worst stroke outcomes, study finds


    The UK has the worst outcomes for stroke services in western Europe, a study has found.

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    Stroke consultation under way


    Health secretary Alan Johnson has launched a consultation on stroke services in order to develop a stroke strategy. It includes proposals on providing faster treatment for minor strokes, treating the earliest signs of strokes seriously and improving care and support when people leave hospital.

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    Audit finds unacceptable waits for stroke scans


    Less than 10 per cent of stroke patients are receiving a brain scan within three hours of having a stroke, and only 42 per cent are having brain imaging to confirm diagnosis within 24 hours of symptoms, an audit has found.The 2006 National Sentinel Stroke Audit also found that only 15 per cent of

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    Michael White on politics


    'Alan Johnson is keen on neglected causes like stroke so his startling brevity in the debate implies no disrespect'

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    Pret a Porter?: what a US business guru has to teach the NHS


    An academic tome about the US health system, even one co-authored by one of the world's most renowned business theorists, seems an unlikely hit for an NHS audience. But Redefining Healthcare: creating value-based competition on results, by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, has caught

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    Heart failure review reveals 'worrying' variations in care


    A review of heart failure services has found wide variations between the performance of primary care trusts.

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    Stroke patients 'die needlessly', says report


    Stroke patients in England 'die needlessly or suffer more serious disability than they should' because they continue to be denied fast access to brain scans and clot-busting drugs, according to a report published by the Commons public accounts committee.

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    Nicholson pledges to devolve 90pc of resources to local NHS


    NHS chief executive unequivocal about huge transfer of budgets from DoH

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    New stroke toolkit will save lives


    National director for heart disease Professor Roger Boyle has issued new guidance and a toolkit providing advice to commissioners on good practice on improving stroke services. It highlights key issues to consider and summarises supporting resources.The toolkit, ASSET, is to assist NHS

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    Czars make case for service reconfiguration


    National director for emergency access Sir George Alberti has published a report setting out the clinical case for reconfiguration of access to emergency care services. And national director for heart disease and stroke Professor Roger Boyle has published a report setting out the clinical case for

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    Andrew Jones on conspiracy or cock-up


    'It could be kindly argued that, by general lack of enthusiasm, a third of the country is yet to churn out any meaningful health activity data, yet alone customise or dynamise it to specific local goals. Perhaps more telling is that two-thirds have yet to even put together a simple budget

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    Health Hotel: what about the workers?


    As the UK's largest employer, the NHS should be doing much more to look after the health and welfare of its employees. Jeremy Davies reports

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    Stroke audit


    Emergency services for stroke are still not up to standard, despite an increase in the number of specialist units.

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    Stroke response


    Published: 17/11/2005 Volume 115 No. 5982 Page 13