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    Age concerns


    Managers and Medicine

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    Why mixed-sex wards are OK by me



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    'Hotel service' leaves hospital patients hungry all over Europe


    Published: 13/02/2003, Volume II3, No. 5842 Page 8 9

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    About the size of it


    pct commissioning

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    Government asked to make stroke care a priority


    Published: 31/10/2002, Volume II2, No. 5829 Page 8

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    Homeward bound


    An area-wide stroke strategy has moved patient care out of the acute sector and into the home, say Deborah Thorne and Stuart Jeffery

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    Tale of the unexpected


    What happens when a tiny cottage hospital learns it is to benefit from a massive legacy? Danny Lee went to Cromer, Norfolk, to find out

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    Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks'notice of your event. Please send details to Uli Jaeger, HSJ, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7EJ. Fax:020-7874 0254.

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    Pride over prejudice


    Rooting out age discrimination is the latest NHS priority, and Ian Philp is charged with spearheading the drive.He talked to Carol Harris about life after the national service framework

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    Clinical directorship 28 March, London 'How to be an excellent clinical director in a modernised NHS' is a British Association of Medical Managers seminar.

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    Stick to the letter of socialism


    The following letter to the health secretary Alan Milburn has been leaked. It was copied to Scottish health minister Susan Deacon, who also had socialist tendencies once.

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    Beds under the Reds


    Labour has crossed the ideological divide to embrace joint working with the private sector as a way to free NHS beds. Kaye McIntosh reports

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    People living in independent nursing homes are part of a shadow health service that falls outside the remit of CHI and the National Care Standards Commission. We must not ignore their care, says Chris Vellenoweth

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    Watching expiry dates


    The public health white paper sets out ambitious targets for reducing deaths by 2010. Mark Crail canvassed responses to it and found widespread scepticism that it would reduce health inequalities

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    Poor law


    Newly compiled statistical evidence on the state of health of the Scottish nation demonstrates as never before the link between deprivation and ill health

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    Remains of the day


    Providers should look at new uses for the day hospital in providing comprehensive elderly care

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    Honourable discharge


    How is the NHS improving hospital discharge arrangements to cope with winter pressures?