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    London unveils trauma plans to save 500 lives every year


    A consultation is expected to begin tomorrow on the location of London's specialist trauma and stroke centres.

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    Improving Patient Access, supported by NHS End Waiting


    Winner: London NHS Diagnostic Service with Croydon Federation The Diagnostics in the Community pilot has been able to bring ultrasound, echo and MRI diagnostics to Croydon, the largest of London's populations

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    Give lifesaving care at a stroke


    An Essex trust is proving what fast stroke response can achieve, by introducing a specialist acute unit. Mark Hunter explains

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    London hospitals jostle to run specialist stroke units


    London's hospital trusts are clamouring to be named specialist stroke centres as the capital embarks on centralising major acute services.

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    Roll out, roll out


    With services in the community going 'productive' in summer 2009, Nigel Hopps looks forward both to the opportunities and the challenges this presents

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    Providing healthcare on a small island


    Some islanders 'would rather be crippled than go to the mainland for an operation'. Alison Moore reports on the goldfish-bowl world of remote island healthcare

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    Making lean thinking work in the NHS


    To be successful, lean principles have to inform everything an NHS organisation does. Here, the chief executive of Royal Bolton Hospital foundation trust explains how he and his staff are putting this into practice

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    Informed commissioning


    Ministers want to transform NHS commissioning from a sleepy pussycat into a sleek, sharp-toothed tiger. And good-quality information will be the key to success. Andy Cowper reports.

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    Stroke services improving - Royal College of Physicians


    Stroke services have shown marked improvement in the last two years, an audit by the Royal College of Physicians has shown. The audit of 224 hospitals in all areas of the UK except Scotland found near universal provision of specialist stroke beds.

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    Stroke care improvements 'must continue'


    There has been a major improvement in the organisation of stroke care over the past two years, according to the latest National Sentinel Organisational Audit of Stroke.

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    Stroke services imporved


    Stroke services have shown marked improvement in the last two years, an audit by the Royal College of Physicians has shown. The audit of 224 hospitals in all areas of the UK except Scotland found near universal provision of specialist stroke beds. About 30 per cent are offering thrombolysis for ...

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    Measure the mix of interventions


    All primary care trusts must become world class by commissioning services that 'add life to years and years to life' and specifying the outcomes to be delivered.

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    Emergency units traumatised as Darzi plans develop


    The next phase of reform will see major trauma go to regional centres, leaving smaller A&E units facing an uncertain future. Will they become unviable? Alison Moore finds out

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    Careers: TGI Monday


    Jobseekers have ranked healthcare management among the most desirable careers. Louise Hunt finds out why

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    Three clinical leaders awarded quality fellowship


    Three national clinical leaders of the future were today announced as Health Foundation quality improvement fellows.

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    NICE calls for quicker access to specialist stroke treatment


    Commissioners and providers should ensure all patients with a suspected stroke are admitted as quickly as possible to an acute stroke unit.

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    Darzi quality incentive puts £1bn at stake


    Up to 1bn - or 3 per cent - of annual hospital trust income will be contingent on meeting service quality requirements by 2010-11.

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    Radical ideas can keep service out of casualty


    On the eve of Lord Darzi's next stage review, the new director of the Ambulance Service Network says ambulance services' impact can extend far wider than just emergency care and help reduce inequalities

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    Health Foundation raises concerns over stroke care


    The UK lags behind other developed nations in stroke care and England is far from meeting its own targets, according to a new Health Foundation report.

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    Defining the role of the physiotherapist


    With more than 35 million work days lost each year in the UK to occupational ill health and injury, it has been widely acknowledged that physiotherapists should play a key role in delivering future occupational health strategies, which in turn must be brought into mainstream healthcare provision.