In this week’s commissioning supplement, clinical commissioning groups - the NHS’s not so little helper - is explored in detail

Commissioning supplement cover

The supplement includes commissioning support unit success stories such as a strategy for managing winter pressures which suggests CSUs have the potential to rise to the many challenges they face.

The second chapter discusses the British Red Cross’ work with CCGs and hospitals to help people settle in at home upon discharge and to reduce the need for them to be readmitted.

Asthma, the UK’s most common chronic condition, has serious consequences for the NHS. In the third chapter sharing patient data is discusses as a solution that can improve treatment.

The fourth chapter looks at the key to incentivising primary and secondary care providers to integrate care, which could lie in developments such as the American-style accountable care organisations.

Some voices are saying that the change from primary care trusts to CCGs has meant a shift of emphasis from balancing finances to improving care. Jennifer Trueland explores the shift.