HSJ’s supplement looks at the future of NHS funding, including the risks around PF2, efficient management and infrastructure investment.

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George Osborne hopes PF2 - his successor to the controversial private finance initiative − will persuade risk-averse institutional investors such as pension funds to pump money into the NHS. But there is huge uncertainty over whether they will get involved, leaving the real possibility the scheme will fail to get off the ground.

Asset management

The typical district general hospital uses 10,000 pieces of medical equipment − and the NHS has in the past failed to get the best value out of all this kit. But the pressing need to cut costs should finally prompt action. One option for trusts is to follow police and fire services among others and contract out asset management.


Investment in new NHS building has nearly come to a standstill. Reforms of the NHS, the uncertain impact of NHS Propco and investors’ worries about the future foundation trust failure regime are all reasons cited for the dearth of new projects. But a more fundamental reason may be the move of care into the community, which may mean the future NHS will not need so many new buildings.

HSJ’s Funding the future supplement is available to download.