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  • South Tyneside Foundation Trust - winner
  • Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust - highly commended
  • Aintree University Hospital Foundation Trust
  • Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Nottingham University Hospitals Trust
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust
  • Western Health and Social Care Trust

South Tyneside Foundation Trust: Community nutrition support project

The judges said the project achieved a big change in clinical practice, with commensurately big savings. Staff provide real innovation across health and social care.

Value in Healthcare Awards South Tyneside Foundation Trust

Local clinical commissioning groups were concerned about the high and rising cost of oral nutritional supplements (ONS) in South Tyneside.

A one year project focusing on the treatment of malnutrition in the community was commissioned by the CCG. Two temporary posts were funded – a prescribing support dietician and a dietetic assistant. The many aims included:

  • To set up clinics at each GP practice to assess, monitor and review patients on ONS.
  • To provide high quality, clinically effective, patient-centred dietetic care to community patients in South Tyneside.
  • To use Food First, ie high calorie, high protein dietary advice including food fortification as first line treatment when appropriate.

The project delivered a number of impressive outcomes, including 102 new referrals for malnutrition started on Food First as oral nutritional supplements were not clinically indicated. ONS wastage was reduced and inappropriate prescriptions of ONS were stopped. 80 per cent of patients seen by the PSD showed an increase in BMI. The cost of using ONS in South Tyneside was reduced by 64 per cent following the dietetic intervention.


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