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  • Trusts target major carbon cuts

    Trusts target major carbon cuts


    Cutting energy bills by £1.1m a year and reducing annual carbon emissions by 8,100 tonnes is the target for 17 NHS trusts across England.

  • Scottish NHS to cut CO2 emissions

    Study reveals NHS Scotland's CO2 emissions


    Fresh targets requiring the NHS in Scotland to boost its energy efficiency and slash greenhouse gas emissions are expected, following the latest health service CO2 emissions study.

  • Andrew Lansley

    Andrew Lansley on a Conservative recipe for NHS reform


    Competition, choice and clinician power: the shadow health secretary lists the ingredients that he would use to make NHS outcomes the best in the world

  • HSJ Knowledge

    GP surgery sustainability


    Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key issue for the NHS. This case study of the sustainability audit of a small GP surgery shows how this is affecting primary care providers by looking at three critical areas.

  • Your Humble Servant

    Your Humble Servant: NHS carbon reduction


    ‘The NHS could immediately achieve much larger savings if the SHAs, Monitor and CQC stopped emitting the whole time… after all there is carbon in flatulence isn’t there?’

  • Mike Farrar

    Mike Farrar on QIPP - quality, innovation, productivity and prevention


    QIPP needs to become woven into the NHS’s DNA, and efficiencies come from the avoidable use of NHS resources, effective partnerships and best practice

  • HSJ Knowledge

    Carbon reduction commitment


    NHS energy use costs £400 million annually and results in around one million tonnes of carbon emissions.

  • CQC action on sustainability ‘disappointing’

    CQC action on sustainability ‘disappointing’


    The Care Quality Commission has been accused of ducking its responsibilities on sustainable development.

  • Dawn Hillier and Patrick Geoghegan

    NHS leaders vow to cut emissions by 10pc


    NHS organisations are being urged to make a public commitment to cut their carbon dioxide emissions by at least 10 per cent during 2010.

  • Noel Plumridge

    Noel Plumridge on NHS cash in a cold climate


    £15bn - the “efficiency savings” the NHS is being asked to make over the coming three year cycle - is an unimaginably huge sum of money.

  • Cally Bann

    Cally Bann on winter pressures


    Good news: we’ve just managed to close the winter pressure beds. Even better: the summer theatre closure programme has kicked in.

  • NHS carbon cutting

    Alan Maryon-Davis on NHS carbon cutting


    Chill winds in the funding forecast are no excuse to let go of the NHS’s energy saving and waste reduction targets - they just add to the urgency to act now

  • Paul Corrigan

    Paul Corrigan on commissioning strategy plans


    Nearly all primary care trust commissioning strategy plans describe a rationale for their intentions over the next five years. Tailored to the health and healthcare needs of their population, they describe future actions which intend to move activity out of secondary care, and cut emergency admissions and attendance at A ...

  • Stephen Eames

    Stephen Eames on the need to make changes


    Sunday morning and it looks as if it is going to be a hot day - a precursor to a long hot summer dominated by organising surge plans to combat pandemic flu, while digesting the impact of another central initiative on quality, innovation, improvement and productivity, otherwise known as “QIPP”. ...

  • Building site

    Firms fight to the death for NHS construction projects


    Construction consultancy and building firms are offering NHS organisations “suicidal rates” in a desperate bid to keep afloat during the recession, HSJ has been told.

  • Rebecca Evans

    Media Watch: Alan Johnson does his own PR


    The weekend before last, The Independent ran an interview with Alan Johnson in which, in answer to a question about whether politicians would ever be trusted again, the health secretary said the political system needed a complete “overhaul” and called for voters to be consulted on proportional representation.

  • HSJ Knowledge

    Carbon reduction


    Increasing hospital efficiencies is a pressing issue for trusts. In 2008, the Government passed the Climate Change Act, which aims to achieve an 80 per cent cut in CO 2 emissions from 1990 levels by 2050.

  • Patient in hospital

    Sophia Christie on NHS crisis and opportunity


    An emerging policy consensus looks to innovation to save the NHS. The context is an emerging “perfect storm” of financial crisis, global warming, obesity, longer lives with greater dependency and fewer working age people to pay taxes.

  • 090521megatanker
    HSJ Knowledge

    Sink or swim: how small hospitals survive competition


    Small district general hospitals are often the heart of their communities but their survival is only assured by outmanoeuvring the big trusts. By Alison Moore

  • European working time directive

    No time for complacency on European working time directive


    NHS organisations have to be compliant with the European working time directive by 1 August and only a tiny minority can reasonably expect any exception to the rules