Over the Christmas and new year break we are bringing you a round-up of the best articles from our Leadership, Commissioning, Innovation and Efficiency channels.

Blocks spelling out mental health

mental health

Achieving parity for mental health patients and improving quality of care has been a major focal point for health services this year. In our round-up we highlight a selection of best practice articles from 2013.

Kate Schneider and Alison Moon discuss how health services are responding to the needs of patients with dementia; Emma Stanton and colleagues explore the effective transitioning of mental health patients from youth to adult mental health services; and Sean Lennon tackles the importance of right of choice for mental health service users.

Delivering choice in mental health

Sean Lennon explores the importance of “right to choice” for mental health service users and how it will affect mental health initiatives. 

Boys to men: smoothing the mental health transition

Emma Stanton and colleagues discuss a growing initiative that focuses on the transition of young mental health patients from youth care services to adult mental health services.

How leadership style affects mental health recovery

Juliette Alban-Metcalfe and Jennifer Black explore how engaging leadership can have a positive effect on mental health recovery.

Meeting the needs of vulnerable adults

How are health services responding to the need for improvements in care for patients with dementia? Kate Schneider and Alison Moon discuss the issues.