COMMERCIAL Ipswich Hospital has become the first hospital in the UK to enter into a partnership to install a biofuel electricity generator.

The generator will save the hospital more from producing than 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – reducing its carbon footprint by 40 per cent - and will produce enough electricity to power 4,000 homes. The trust has worked with specialist firm Raygen which had made a capital investment of around £5m into the project and will sell the excess electricity back to the national grid, with a share of the proceeds going to the trust which will also benefit from a competitive rate on the electricity it uses.

Jeff Calver, associate director of estates at the hospital, said: “We are proud to be NHS trailblazers in this hugely significant carbon reduction scheme.

“The benefits stretch far wider than the hospital, out into the community and beyond at a time when reducing our carbon footprint is of international importance.”