Best Places to Work 2014 – CCG

  • Full time permanent staff: 27
  • Voluntary staff turnover: 0 per cent
  • Exec team male/female ratio: 45 per cent male/55 per cent female
  • Programme to recruit ethnic diverse staff: No

As a small CCG, South West Lincolnshire purchases care for a population of 127,573. Most of its small workforce feel recognised for their efforts and look forward to going to work. “We do very conventional things,” says its chief officer Allan Kitt. “But we do them well.”

Best places to work top 10 star

The majority of staff also believe that the organisation values their work (90 per cent) and would recommend the CCG as a place to work (93 per cent). “We have a personalised approach to professional and personal development,” says Mr Kitt. “We ask our staff for their views and we listen; they can see we listen and act as a result”.

At quarterly meetings between staff and the leadership, open and honest questions are encouraged. The office is also open plan and all managers are visible, which the CCG believes fosters communication.

There are more good results for levels of staffing and pay with 65 per cent of its staff believing the CCG employs enough staff for them to do their jobs properly and 67 per cent saying they are satisfied with their level of pay. Just 4 per cent of its employees have suffered discrimination at work in the last 12 months.

“We try our best to walk the walk and live up to our aim to help get the best out of people,” says Mr Kitt. “It’s not hard to get great results with great people; we just need to create the conditions where they can be great.”