Best Places to Work 2014 – CCG

  • Full time permanent staff: 44
  • Voluntary staff turnover: 1 per cent
  • Exec team male/female ratio: 60 per cent male/40 per cent female
  • Programme to recruit ethnic diverse staff: No

As the largest of the three CCGs in Worcestershire, South Worcestershire holds a budget allocation of £314m for 2015-16.

Best places to work top 10 star

Many of its staff show great commitment, with 81 per cent putting in extra hours. Moreover, 76 per cent of employees feel that there is a good relationship between senior management and staff and many are confident of their career paths within the organisation. They receive well structured appraisals, and most staff (81 per cent) believe that they can make improvements at work.

All of its employees believe the CCG provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion. All staff also know who their senior managers are and 84 per cent believe managers try to involve them on important decisions. This is perhaps due to the fact a staff council organises monthly updates from chief operating officer, Simon Trickett. The updates have kept staff informed on developments on an informal basis as well as giving staff the chance to raise questions. Twice-yearly staff away days also give staff the opportunity to meet off site and share best practice in an informal way. Flexible working is encouraged where possible and employees have the option to work from home.

The commissioning group’s largely female workforce look forward to going to work (76 per cent say they do) and most within the CCG (65 per cent) feel there are adequate staffing levels for them to be effective within their roles.