Deborah Tarrant says our new database of validated best practice in the NHS will help future leaders learn and stay ahead

A huge amount of fabulous work and innovation happens across NHS, improving services, improving outcomes for patients, creating efficiencies. It is important to share these successful initiatives to help the NHS standardise quality and efficiency and maximise benefit across the health service.

However, that isn’t as easy or accessible as it could be. The NHS has so many disparate bodies with multiple services, organisations, professional bodies and staff groups and, while many of these seek to share their work, there isn’t one place to house all those good ideas.

Until now. HSJ is already the vehicle that brings those groups together in one go-to place, helping to break down professional or organisational boundaries, sharing the love and pain of working together as one ‘national’ health service. HSJ Solutions takes that idea further, providing a useful space to share solutions to real-world challenges.

HSJ Solutions is a searchable database full of best practice ideas that have been through the HSJ Awards judging process – meaning they are peer reviewed. With a few clicks, I can search for solutions that other organisations have found and already tested.

As president of the Healthcare People Management Association I see this as a great step forward in supporting our leaders and healthcare people. HPMA’s vision is simply to “improve health through people”.

One way we do this is by sharing best practice and research on people management through our networks and development activities. We are acutely aware that in order to have the most impact, good ideas must be spread wider than the HR and OD communities. I think HSJ Solutions is a way to make that happen – to share ideas and tools for improvement across the NHS.

In my day job as director of people and organisational development at BHRUT we have launched an extensive leadership and management programme called ‘Leadership – The Pride Way’. I see the programme as an attraction and retention tool for good leaders and people. Demonstrating our aim to be an employer of choice, improving our people management: giving people environment, tools and support to do their best work.

As part of our offering to our leadership cadre, we are providing membership to HSJ Solutions to supplement students’ learning and support their networking outside the trust to share ideas and collaborative working. I am confident HSJ Solutions will help us learn as an organisation, share and keep ahead.

Deborah Tarrant is director of people and organisational development, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust


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