Elsevier, a global leader in information analytics specialising in science and health, has launched a new resource to aid healthcare workers on the front lines of managing the novel coronavirus health crisis.

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The covid-19 Healthcare Hub provides free access to toolkits, expert insights, research resources and covid-19 guidelines.

The Hub’s toolkits include evidence-based clinical overviews, drug monographs, care plans, order sets, and procedure videos for clinicians delivering care and information to patients.

Clinicians will also find the latest information and guidelines from government health agencies, medical societies and public health organisations for diagnosis, testing and treatment of covid-19 patients.

“As clinicians manage high patient volumes, health systems and providers urgently need access to the latest evidence-based information,” said John Danaher, MD, president, Global Clinical Solutions, Elsevier. “The Healthcare Hub is a tool to support the medical community during this crisis.”

The covid-19 Healthcare Hub’s mobile-friendly, responsive format allows clinicians to access the patient care information they need from their mobile phones, tablets or computers.

“We designed the Healthcare Hub to provide a seamless user experience that ensures vital content is accessible – wherever and whenever it is needed,” said Dr. Danaher.

Healthcare professionals can access Elsevier’s covid-19 Healthcare Hub by visiting elsevier.health.

The covid-19 Healthcare Hub is part of Elsevier’s contributions to help researchers and clinicians during this global crisis. Elsevier’s Novel Coronavirus Information Center provides the latest early stage and peer-reviewed research on the novel coronavirus and covid-19.

All resources are free to access and include guidelines for clinicians and patients. The Information Center links to the Coronavirus Hub on ScienceDirect, with more than 21,000 articles relevant to coronavirus, SARS and MERS freely available. For an expanding list of Elsevier contributions, see this directory.

Please find our covid-19 Healthcare Hub info below:

 Covid-19 Healthcare Hub.