Numerous trusts are using Medinet’s free advisory input and guidance to inform plans for restarting elective care. We have been collaborating with NHS hospitals and partners to co-develop action plans. The goal has been to get safe and appropriate care to patients without the need to “physically build or buy estate”.

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We recognise that there are many challenges for trusts to restart their elective care services, from capacity through to patient safety. That is why we have been busy in understanding different approaches and capturing feedback from across the UK.

This collective learning is being coordinated through each of our regional leads, who are happy to share mature insight to support the development of localised plans.

Having worked in partnership with the NHS for over 15 years, we understand the importance of getting appropriate levels of care to patients as early as possible to ensure they do not have to wait longer for access to care than absolutely necessary and prevent any further deterioration in their health.

Like many of our NHS partners, we are fundamentally concerned about the impact the “pause” on all elective activity has had on patients health and wellbeing. At a time where capacity constraints on the healthcare system will be felt more than ever, it is even more critical that providers have access to a suite of capabilities, ensuring they can see and treat patients appropriately and as early as possible, through whatever means available and within their existing estate structures.

As part of our effort, we have increased our levels of support to the NHS to help understand local needs to help guide, advise and build regional plans to see and treat patients in a safe, effective and emphatic way. This includes:

  • Approaches to remove duplication in the patient pathway and speed up access to care
  • Tactics to uplift capacity in a safe environment, including alternative therapies
  • Guidance on ways to blend both traditional NHS estate and remote options by specialism which tailor to each patient cohort
  • Proposals on how to allocate care to those who are most at risk or have waited the longest through a careful and considered approach
  • Models of care which comply with current guidance to deliver safe patient numbers

Amongst our team we have a range of skills and experiences that have been shaped by over 100 years of NHS management history and can help trusts approach to restarting elective services. This has ranged from commissioning and delivering new national models of care (including from government level), managing large scale NHS trusts and heath advice and information services through to providing elective care support programmes and maintaining compliance.

Beyond providing support to develop on how to restart elective care, Medinet can also assist with the implementation and delivery of your restart plan through our access to a UK-wide clinical pool that is both supplementary and local.

To access our free support or for more information then please make an enquiry at and we will arrange a telephone appointment within 24 hours.