HSJ is launching a network to promote the talents of women in healthcare leadership roles.

Sponsored by NHS Employers, the network will exist to help women secure board level positions within the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

Membership will be invite only, but drawn from across professions and age groups. Anyone who has built a reputation for mentoring emerging female leaders or is currently supporting one or more female mentees to do the same will qualify to join.

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HSJ executive editor Adele Waters said: “HSJ is very proud to be launching this network. Our aim is to create a useful and supportive leadership community for all women progressing on a leadership career path.

“I believe it will provide many opportunities to support and to celebrate female talent.”

Paul Deemer, head of equality, diversity and human rights at NHS Employers, said: “We know from research, not just in the field of gender, but also other areas such as sexual orientation and disability, that networks are a key factor in helping staff break through or climb over whatever barriers might have been placed in their way at work.

“We also know that there are a wealth of highly skilled, successful, driven and self-motivated women working in health and social care at all levels of organisations and across the whole system.

“We want this network to be the start of a wider piece of activity to begin to bring some of those women together, for them to share their experiences, and ultimately help each other - through mentoring and coaching - to achieve senior position.

“In this regard, we hope that this network will be a force for change.”

The group will be virtual but supported by networking events throughout the year.

It will be managed by a programme board made up of a member of the HSJ editorial team and NHS Employers, working to some operational guidelines.

Anyone interested in helping to establish the network before it formally launches this summer - either by contributing ideas on how it could operate most usefully or by joining our programme board - please get in touch.

Email your name, current job title and career aspiration to hsjwomen@emap.com.