HSJ’s ongoing online conversation on how the NHS can deliver 24/7 working is drawing hundreds of responses from readers around the world.

Almost 700 people have already offered their perspectives on the changes that will be needed if the NHS is to deliver consistent, financially sustainable 24/7 working.

The debate will run for another two weeks, and we are keen to draw on the expertise of even more of our readers. Some key themes have already emerged, and so we have now created individual conversations to help continue the debate − communications and expectations, structural changes, staffing and management, care delivery, and a final category for any other ideas.

If you are a registered user of HSJ, you should have received an email invitation with details of how to take part in the debate. We are using a simple, secure and anonymous website that is accessible from any device, at any time. Not only can you share your own ideas, but you can comment and vote on those of others. In this way, you and your peers can collectively identify the strongest suggestions.

A selection of the best responses will be featured in HSJ and on hsj.co.uk. We value the contributions made so far − close to 3,000 ideas, comments and votes − and are looking forward to many more.

If you would like to take part but have not yet received an invitation, please email claire.read@emap.com