Preventing avoidable harm

Patient Safety Awards 2016, Preventing avoidable harm winner: Lancashire County Council

Preventing avoidable harm

Ahsn network

Ahsn network

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Winner: Lancashire County Council

Falls prevention is a significant public health concern. This project, funded by Lancashire CC and developed by East Lancashire Hospitals Trust with the University of Central Lancashire, shows potential for reducing falls and promoting self-care.

Patient Safety Awards 2016: Preventing Avoidable Harm

It’s called STEADY On! and was introduced in communities in East Lancashire two years ago. It provides interactive and engaging falls awareness sessions for older people in community settings with the emphasis on active case finding.

In addition to raising awareness the hour-long session promotes falls prevention at home and self-care. It also provides a pathway to a home assessment if needed.

Evaluation shows that it has achieved its objectives and now the programme is being rolled out across the county.

The judges said: “This is a fantastic multiagency approach. It is a superb first level intervention - co designed and co-produced with patients and families.”

Highly commended: Churchill Hospital