From recruitment challenges to a greater role for pharmacies, our supplement probes the latest developments in primary care

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The shift of care out of hospitals is driving a surge in demand for skilled primary care staff. Amid concerns over staff shortages, some organisations are turning to outside recruitment experts to ensure they get the people they need.

Joint working

Pharmaceutical companies are offering financial support or expertise to NHS organisations to help service improvement projects - part of broader efforts by the industry to build a new relationship with the health service.


Pharmacies look set to take a bigger role in the NHS - tackling inequalities, easing pressure on GPs and providing convenient access to care for those with long term conditions.

Integrated care

Co-ordinating all the health and social workers for some patients could transform their care - but how do you get successful integration? Key building blocks include focusing on a carefully defined segment of the population.


The Productive General Practice programme offers GPs tools to improve everything from administrative functions to consultations to referrals but without being prescriptive about what and how they do it - and it promises to deliver some eureka moments.

Estates management

How one trust looked at its primary care and community estate and asked not only how it could be used more efficiently but also how it could meet strategic goals such as the shift from hospital-based to community-based care.

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