An HSJ webinar on how the NHS can best use technology is now available to watch on demand

Mobile phone

To improve the usability and scalability of the  system, the simplest form of technology was chosen in the form of text messaging using the patient’s own mobile phone

Mobile phone

Ian Dalton joined other leading figures for the discussion.

When the promise of technology to transform healthcare is discussed, attention is often centred on large scale projects involving complicated technologies and systems. Rarely discussed is the wealth of simple technology already available – not least the telephone – and how the NHS can derive maximum benefit from it.

HSJ, in association with Care UK, ran a free webinar to discuss how the health service can make the best use of the technology it already has. Why is the NHS failing to capitalise on simple technology? What is the role of telehealth following the mixed results of the whole system demonstrator trial? And what needs to change for simple technology to make a consistent contribution to better care, delivered more efficiently?

Speakers included Dr Simon Bowers, clinical vice-chair and clinical director of the digital care and innovation programme at Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group; Ian Dalton, president of global government and health at BT Global Services; and Jim Easton, managing director, Care UK. The debate will be chaired by HSJ executive editor Adele Waters.

The webinar is free to view – simply register here.