Twenty organisations have been honoured in the 2019 HSJ Value Awards – which recognise and celebrate outstanding improvements in care quality and efficiency made by NHS staff.

More than 1,000 people turned out last night to celebrate the HSJ Value Awards with the help of celebrity host comedian Tom Allen.  

The awards highlight the best examples of the NHS and its partners adding value – whether that is through financial savings or improved services for patients.

And the variety of winners was astounding – from “Project Future,” a scheme to help young men labelled as gang members or serious youth violence offenders in London, to improvements to the chaplaincy service at Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust.

Several award winners improved services for groups of patients who may find it difficult to access or obtain the same level of care as other groups. Barking and Dagenham Clinical Commissioning Group reduced variations in care for diabetes patients while changes to orthoptics screening in Warwickshire meant that more children – including those in special schools – could be seen.

And a team from University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust targeted homeless and vulnerable people at risk of tuberculosis and blood-borne viruses to ensure they had access to screening and then treatment, if needed.

South West Yorkshire Partnership FT won the communications initiative award for its scheme to promote and improve staff wellbeing.  

The awards receive hundreds of entries and out of those the 70 judges have chosen 150 finalist organisations with 186 live changing projects and 20 winners presented on the night.

Category sponsors were Advise Inc and Four Eyes Insight.

For more information, see the HSJ Value Awards website.