Thousands of top-earning public sector workers are facing a pay freeze following today’s report by the independent salary review body.

The senior salaries review body has backed a freeze, as recommended by chancellor Alastair Darling.  

The body suggested a rise of 2.25 per cent for NHS managers, but that was rejected by the government. 

Senior NHS managers, senior civil servants and the judiciary are among those covered by the report.

The body is independent of the government but its recommendations are not binding and ministers will have the final word.

The report comes ahead of the Budget, which is expected within weeks, with Mr Darling set to confirm the date today.

Policy wikis

Have you ever felt so frustrated with the political parties’ health policies that you wished you could write your own? Now your chance has come.

On we have set up two wikis - websites that allows users to easily (and anonymously) create and edit content - to enable managers and clinicians to develop their own policy ideas. At the time of writing they are blank, awaiting the collective wisdom of HSJ readers.

Managers: set out your policy agenda here

Clinicians: this is your policy wiki to craft as you see fit