STRUCTURE: All mental health inpatient services in Berkshire will be moved to one centre in Reading, despite this option not being favoured in a public consultation of 777 people.

Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and Berkshire East Primary Care Trust released a joint statement which said “option 1” in the consultation will go ahead.

This means: “All inpatient services to move to Prospect Park, Reading. All current wards in the east of the County to be vacated.”

The consultation response reveals that “option 2” was found to be the most popular in the consultation. This option, which would see inpatient services moved to Prospect Park with the exeption of older peoples services, recieved first or second choice votes from 64 per cent of those in the consultation.

The chosen option was the least popular of the three plans, recieving only 47 per cent when first and second choices were combined.

The joint statement said: “Option 2 is not supported by the clinicians as it will mean that older people will have to continue to be cared for in an environment that mixes people with functional illness and those with organic problems that is not conducive to high quality care.

“On this basis the PCT has asked the Trust to progress to outline Business Case on Option 1.”