Teamwork can accelerate leadership development

Andy Leather, director of the King’s Centre for Global Health, has worked in Somaliland, Ethiopia and Zambia. The surgeon says that working in such intense situations like in Freetown has a number of benefits such as excellent interprofessional working.

A group of people making a pact

Working in intense situations like the Ebola crisis encourages excellent interprofessional working

He says: “There is sometimes a bit of a gap between nursing and medical teams in the NHS, but when you work so closely and so intensely in a situation overseas like that, you come to respect teamwork, and that’s quite powerful to bring that back.”

He also believes it can bring on leadership development in an accelerated way.

‘When you work so closely in an overseas situation like this you come to respect teamwork’

Mr Leather says: “I’m really pleased that a rising star like Oliver has had the space to excel. I think often we hold people back in the UK and you have to go through such a long learning curve before you finally reach this sort of leadership responsibility.

“But some people are ready for leadership at a much earlier age, and actually giving someone the space to demonstrate that leadership quality, that’s important. I’m delighted being a part of that.”

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