Practice based commissioning has received a vote of confidence in the NHS Alliance report Practice based commissioning: early wins, early lessons released today.

The report looks in depth at instances of PBC working well and saving money across the country.

Chairman of the Alliance Dr Michael Dixon said PBC was going to transform the NHS but there has been a slow start due to primary care trust reconfiguration.

He warned PBC would not go far enough if GP practices do not get fully engaged and if PCTs do not devolve power to clinicians.

The report said: 'Good practice is not universal. We know areas where it is no exaggeration to say that battle lines have been drawn up between managers and clinicians, between practices and PCTs.'

One such place, mentioned in the report, is Mid Devon where some GPs have been 'less keen' to engage in PBC and where 'weak links' between practices, patients and commissioners has been stalling progress.

Dr Laurence Buckman, GPC Chairman, said: 'PBC is full of potential to free up NHS resources and offer patients care closer to their homes. Unfortunately the reality is that many PCTs offer little or no support to GPs wishing to seize the opportunities and in some cases appear to actively block initiatives. As a result some practices have had their enthusiasm for PBC dented beyond repair.'