WINNER: Carnall Farrar: Evidence based analytics to improve mental health

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Carnall Farrar worked with the NHS in Devon to demonstrate the potential of an “invest to save” model in mental health services which could save money across the system as well as improving outcomes. As well as looking at current spend and provision, it created a toolkit to analyse potential improvements and opportunities.

These savings can be realised from a range of actions such as reducing variability in pathways, enhancing early intervention, and creating more care closer to home. This is paving the way for mental health services to be commissioned based on need, rather than block contracts, and potentially a mental health-focused accountable care organisation.

The judges felt that this is a novel, comprehensive, evidenced and mature product which gives mental health equivalence to physical health for quantifiable data to support service optimisation.


  • Membership Engagement Services Ltd: Making sense of patient experience data so healthcare providers can improve and make a difference – HIGHLY COMMENDED
  • Carnall Farrar: Population Health Management in Kent and Medway

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