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  • Computer and stethoscope

    Beware the cost of digitisation


    There is little doubt about the power of digitisation to transform healthcare – the only thing that needs utmost consideration is the cost factor

  • Numbers
    HSJ Partners

    Comment: The biggest hitters of the NHS revealed


    Welcome to this year’s HSJ100 – the annual list of the people with the greatest influence on the NHS

  • Shining person

    HSJ100 marks seismic change in NHS leadership


    Department of Health finance director David Williams is the highest new entry in this year’s HSJ100 Other notable new entries and risers include Arvind Madan, Dame Ruth Carnall and Sir Howard Bernstein Simon Stevens tops the power list for a second year Read the full list ...

  • Alastair McLellan

    How to read the HSJ100


    The HSJ100 is now 10 years old and has retained its unique role of plotting power and influence in the English NHS. However, the HSJ100 is often misunderstood and sometimes criticised for claims it has never made. What follows is a guide on how to read the HSJ100 and its ...

  • Simon Stevens

    HSJ100 2015


    Who’s up, who’s down and who’s new in our list of the biggest movers and shakers in health?

  • Alastair McLellan

    The HSJ100 shows NHS leadership as it is now, the HSJ Awards reveals how it could be transformed


    The tenth HSJ100, published today, paints a picture of healthcare leadership as it exists today. The HSJ Awards, presented during a joyous celebration last week, shows us how it might be.