KPMG is delighted to sponsor the HSJ100.

Now in its seventh year, the HSJ100 records changing faces over time and now also reflects wider trends in public healthcare effectively providing a longitudinal study of the NHS as a whole.

The message last year was that policy makers were firmly in charge, driving reforms top down. This year’s list is subtly different. Regulation is climbing the agenda, with the forthcoming Francis report clearly front of mind.

The HSJ100 also draws attention to the unique nature of leadership in the NHS. Its devolved and complex structure means the Top 100 could never be predicted by outsiders looking at organisation charts.

There has never been a greater need for strong NHS leadership. The challenges of an ageing population, workforce shortages and financial pressures are only part of the story. Incremental improvements will not be enough and fundamental rethinking of strategy and the way care is delivered will be necessary.

Bold approaches are needed and opportunities are emerging. We are seeing this in many of the conversations we are having with clients - in the UK and internationally. This year’s growing regulatory pressures may drive next year’s solutions; new compliance requirements will generate vast amounts of data which could be harnessed to improve outcomes, efficiency and build a world class workforce. The question is not whether such a shift will be reflected in a future HSJ100, but how and when.

KPMG is a leading adviser to UK healthcare organisations. Our global multidisciplinary team brings together sector experts, practitioners, clinical associates and global leaders with expertise in all elements of healthcare improvement. We are proud to have worked side-by-side with staff at all levels from nurses to CEOs, and from GP surgeries and small district hospitals to the DH.

Andrew Hine is UK head of public healthcare, KPMG