Be part of the Women Leaders network’s first debate on Tuesday at 1pm

When HSJ did a survey on the representation of women in the health service two years ago, it found that despite constituting 77 per cent of the workforce, women held only 37 per cent of board level roles. 

Women Leaders network

Unfortunately, not much has changed since then - these numbers have more or less remained stubbornly the same.

That is why we felt there is a need for a women leaders network - a community of senior and emerging women leaders - where we support their talents and aims and help them achieve board level roles.  

On Wednesday we are launching the Women Leaders network, in association with NHS Employers, at the Trades Union Congress in London.                                                                                               

Q&A on Tuesday

In the meantime, to further explore issues around female leadership, the role of psychology, mentorship and unconscious bias, we’ll be having a live Q& A with Margaret Davies and Kaye Welfare. Ms Davies is an occupational psychologist with extensive experience in behavioural change, and Ms Welfare is an experienced senior leader, having served at boards of several private, public and voluntary sectors.

Together they run Glass Lift, a company running leadership and coaching programmes for women leaders to help them break through the glass ceiling of NHS leadership.

They will join us for a live Q&A on Tuesday between 1-2pm to answer your questions and queries. Use the comments section below to post your questions or tweet them at @HSJWomenLeaders using the hashtag #HSJwomenleaders.