Seventeen trusts that have not agreed control totals with NHS Improvement are predicting a combined deficit of more than £400m for 2016-17.

NHS Improvement and NHS England issued an estimated provider deficit position on Thursday morning of £580m for 2016-17, once £1.8bn of sustainability and transformation fund is included in trusts’ bottom lines.


Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Cambridge University Hospitals forecasts a £68.9m this year

To get STF money trusts must sign up to a control total year-end figure with the regulator, but 23 organisations have not yet agreed this.

Of the £1.8bn STF fund, £166m has been allocated to trusts that have not accepted their totals, and another £106m has not been delegated.

However, of the 23 trusts that have not accepted a control total, 17 are predicting a combined deficit of £409.6m (see box below).

This leaves an extra £130m unaccounted for in the prediction for the year.

Predicted 2016-17 deficits at trusts that have not accepted control totals

  • Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust – £12.6m
  • Croydon Health Services Trust – £39.8m
  • Imperial College Healthcare Trust – £52m
  • Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust – £68.9m
  • East Midlands Ambulance Service Trust – £11.7m
  • Norfolk And Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust – £31.1m
  • Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership Trust – £6.2m
  • Wye Valley Trust – £28.5m
  • 5 Boroughs Partnership Foundation Trust – £2.5m
  • Alder Hey Children’s Foundation Trust – £6.3m
  • University Hospital Of South Manchester Foundation Trust – £16.9m
  • Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust – £9.2m
  • Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust – £5m
  • Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust – £22.9m
  • North Bristol Trust – £48m
  • Plymouth Hospitals Trust – £35.6m
  • Poole Hospital Foundation Trust – £12.4m

The Strengthening Financial Performance and Accountability in 2016-17 document puts the overall trust surplus once accepted STF money is included at £929.6m.

When £272m of unallocated or rejected STF money is taken out, alongside £77m in foundation trust adjustments, which have slightly different accounting reporting rules, the total provider position is £579.8m.

The FT adjustments position includes £12.9m in sold assets.

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