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CrowdCat and Tableau are collaborating on a project to provide NHS organisations with a diagnostic app to quantify the impact of covid-19 on the health and well-being of NHS frontline staff. Flare will be offered free of charge to NHS organisations.

The analytics of this data will supply vital insight and predictive forecasting to the executive boards and leaders of NHS organisations. This will enable NHS leaders to make data-driven decisions regarding how to safeguard the mental health and well-being of the NHS frontline.

Both CrowdCat and Tableau are donating software and skills free of charge for this project initially for three months with a view to extend should the pandemic go beyond 30th June.

Richard Summers, chief scientific officer, CrowdCat said: “In a time of crisis we need to focus on what we can do, not the things we can’t. We aren’t doctors and nurses, we can’t develop treatments, respirators or testing kits but by getting involved in directly responding to the impending mental health epidemic we can be certain that we can have a meaningful impact on saving and improving lives.” 

“Tableau’s mission is to help everyone see and understand data, and I can see no better place where that mission is served than for the leaders and frontline workers at the NHS.  Now, more than ever, accurate, up-to-date data needs to be quickly analysed and understood in order to make the best decisions during this challenging time. We recognise that we’re in a unique position to help, and our teams are working hard to support in any way that we can,” said James Eiloart, Tableau senior VP EMEA sales.

Tableau is offering organisations access to the covid-19 Resources Hub. The resources hub comprises of a dashboard and data for organisations to build their own covid-19 dashboards.

Covid-19 Resource Hub