In this HSJ supplement we look at how the NHS is responding to new bowel disease treatments and how the voluntary sector is helping the elderly avoid hospital

When it comes to prescribing new drugs for inflammatory bowel disease, the UK is “out of sync” with many other countries around the world. In the first chapter Jennifer Trueland reports on how some parts of the NHS are catching up and improving care with the use of specialist nurses.

Peter Irving, consultant gastroenterologist for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust, looks at the evolution of treatment and why a reassessment pathway is overdue.

Case studies of commissioners in Southampton and south east London provide insight into pioneering new care pathways and how they are freeing up funds to deliver better care.

In the second chapter of the supplement, Daloni Carlisle looks at the high numbers of elderly patients in a social crisis who end up in hospital and how the British Red Cross are supporting GPs in Nottingham dealing with this issue.

Commissioning supplement: New bowel disease treatments and social care crises