In HSJ’s information through technology supplement, we examine why streamlining patient flow should be considered a priority when addressing patient data

Innovation through technology supplement main

Innovation through technology supplement main


Information through technology supplement cover

Relying on paper to store patient data is increasingly becoming a financial burden and is vulnerable to errors, leading to longer waiting times.

Claire Read explores how electronic document management can save money and improve patient care.

Patient experience

While there is a focus on how the NHS can better integrate care using new technologies, some argue that efforts should be directed toward how technology can streamline patient flow, rather than prioritising a single patient record.


Technology can help trusts to understand how best to manage their workforce and reduce the use of agency staff.

Change management

The rallying cry for the NHS to accelerate the pace at which it develops new technologies is being answered by the SBRI Healthcare scheme and local small businesses.

Case studies

How Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust and HealthTrust Europe are using technology to gather information about their workforce.

Plus three companies helping hospitals to roll out new technologies.