A roundup of the key points in the key note speeches by NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens and health secretary Jeremy Hunt at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2015

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Expo 2015 speeches: what you need to know

3.50pm Hunt says the NHS has never been busier and there is huge pressure on frontline services.

3.46pm A woman in the audience objects to the use of the term “demented”. She says: “Those of us living with dementia, we’re not demented…that’s not helpful at all”.

3.45pm Hunt says the government changed the law to create parity of esteem in mental health but they haven’t yet achieved it.

3.42pm Hunt says doctors “perhaps misinterpreted” what he said about seven day services and thought he was saying they don’t work weekends.

3.40pm Hunt says he has been talking to the BMA about seven day working for two and a half years now. Clinicians tell him that seven day services are needed. If we want to avoid avoidable deaths then seven day services needed, he says.

3.35pm Hunt says the vast majority of patents would be astonished to hear that their local hospital can’t access their GP records.

3.35pm Hunt asked how much it will cost to give patients access to medical records by 2018. He refuses to be drawn on costs but says it is affordable.




3.25pm Hunt is talking abvout the information governance review by Dame Fiona Caldicott which will draw up protocols that all trusts will have to follow. Report will be published by end of January.

From April, CQC inspections will include how organisations perform against the new framework developed by Dame Fiona.

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3.05pm Jeremy Hunt is now speaking. He uses the airline safety example that he has often cited. The airline industry has managed to reduce the number of air passenger fatalities, he says, by changing the culture of flying.

3.00pm The Secretary of State for Health is due to speak any minute now. We’ll be giving updates throughout.

1.47pm: Jermey Hunt is due to give his key note speech at 3pm. Check back here for updates.

12.52pm: Stevens: We’re never going to be the country that pays the highest for innovative treatments. On cancer drugs we want to make sure that in addition to the usual NICE processes saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ we want them to say ‘maybe’ and offer time for extra assessment on suitability for use in the health service.

12.50pm On seven day services Stevens says: We need consultants in clinically vital services in the week and diagnostic services available on weekends as well.

12.48pm Stevens: There is no one easy thing to help unpaid carers.

12.45pm Stevens: The £5m is going to be funded by NHS England and CCGs. CCGs are already partly funding some of these scheme. What there hasn’t been previously is a set of national standards for the way this support is provided.

12.45pm Stevens: We are going to find a range of new ways that patients and communities have a say in the provision of care locally. - I don’t think we need more elected accountability.

12.42pm Stevens: There’s a surplus of the numbers of those training as pharmacists - this is a great opportunity to get them working alongside GPs.

12.40pm Part of the reason for providing more support for GPs today is to reduce the numbers of those leaving the profession.

12.32pm The NHS is not an island - we are embedded in every part of the community.

12.30pm Stevens: You can go a few miles from here to Wrightington Wigan and Leigh Trust and you can find there an organisation that has given staff control, listened to what patients are saying.

12.25pm Stevens: A hospital I was wondering around in the West Midlands a few weeks ago was selling chips. We will tell vendors who want contracts to run services at hospitals that they must offer more nutritious food.

12.24pm HSJ’s Lawrence Dunhill tweets:

12.23pm Stevens: Programmes in London and Brighton offer confidential support to GPs at risk of burnout.

12.22pm A view from the room:

12.21pm Stevens: Bruce Keogh and I will be publishing a review of the future of innovative cancer treatments in this country as part of the Accelerated Access review.

12.19pm Stevens: We’ve got to be careful to give Vanguards the space to chart the integration that we need. Given the reight support these are the folks who will be creating the future.

12.18pm Lawrence Dunhill tweets:

12.14pm Stevens: Royal Wolverhampton has almost elimited use of agency staff.

12.12pm Stevens: The second false choice is whether we focus on the pressures now or we look at the imaginative reinvention of care that many of you are involved with. Over the last five years we know that the NHS has seen extrordinary increases in levels of demand.


12.10pm Stevens: It is no good the nhs taking a stance on health and diet when often our hospitals are stuffed full of junk food outlets. We have got to up our game.

12.09pm Stevens: We know that programmes to help GPs health in four parts of the coutnry have been known to work.

12.07pm Stevens: When it comes to obesity there are many causes for concern. We have 5 million people at risk of type 2 diabetes. In the 1.3m staff we employ we are at least as part of the phenomenon as we are the solution to it.

12.06pm Stevens: There’s been a 44pc reduction in cardiovascular disease deaths in the past decade.

12.05pm We face a number of false choices with health in the NHS. The first is that we have to focus on health or on care, says Simon Stevens.

10.30am Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, and health secretary Jermey Hunt will today make key note speeches at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2015 in Manchester.

Mr Stevens speech is due to start at 12pm. We already know he will outline schemes to improve the health and wellbeing of the NHS workforce through a new £5m plan.

The policy includes: initiatives to boost NHS staff health at work led by employers; a new occupational health service for GPs suffering from burnout and stress; and national action to challenge and support catering contractors and PFI providers to raise the standards of food and nutrition

Mr Hunt will be speaking from 3pm, on the eve of his third anniversary as health secretary.

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